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Das ging heute durch die Presse hier in Japan:

Cabinet Office is investigating the exchange of money and gifts in relation to exams concerning the Hachidan grade in Iaido.

Sankei Newspaper, 2018/8/17

A hearing of people involved into the fraudulent exchange of money for being successfully promoted to Iaido Hachidan, the highest rank in Iaido (a sub branch of the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei) took place on August 16th. Examinees involved paid money, up to several million yen in the extreme case. A male person who was requested to pay money issued a letter complaint to the Cabinet Office Public Interest Accreditation Committee which started an investigation into this matter. During the midst of scandals in the sports world, it was revealed the fact that unfair practices were lingering even in traditional martial arts.

In Iaido, besides the common exams for Shodan up to Hachidan, special levels can also be achieved, the so-called titles of “Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi”, with the highest being Hachidan Hanshi. According to people involved in this matter, fraudulent money exchanged happened before the examinations for the Hachidan and Hanshi gradings.
For the Hachidan examination, the examinee is judged in two rounds of examination. During the primary exam, 6 examiners are involved, during the 2nd one 9. In consideration of achievements as well as personality aspects, 10 of the examiners would decide if the examinee passed the grading or not. The testing committee consists mainly of Hachidan Hanshi.

According to people involved, the examinee, through a middleman, gave money to members of the examination committee and received in return the Hachidan or Hanshi title. This even went as far as the practice of “gift giving” already starting years before the actual examination took place.

This receipt of gifts and money can be considered a normality, according to Sankei Newspaper to which several people acknowledged involvement. According to a male person from the Kyushu region who testified, “it was a system of buying grades and titles. I wonder if there even were people who passed the exam based on their skill.”

Although connivance from the Kendo Renmei can be seen, trouble surrounding the fraudulent exchange of money came up around 2 1/2 years ago which resulted in an investigation. The result, based on inquiries to parties involved, brought up that during times prior to examinations, an inappropriate exchange of money has been practiced for a long time.

Last year in November, the Kendo Renmei asked for the voluntary return of Dan grades as well as titles and issued a verbal warning. The majority of former examiners answered that they “acknowledge the transfer of money and deeply regret it” but the actual enforcement of the Kendo Renmei request has been delayed.

Regarding these fraudulent passing of exams, a Kendo Renmei member issued a letter complaint to the Cabinet Office Public Interest Accreditation Committee in June of this year. The committee receives business reports from the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC), etc., and is authorized to supervise the Federation, including all the tournament members, and is conducting an examination into the matter.

The Kendo Renmei pointed out that “this practice is a common fact and countermeasures are in place, including information management regarding the examiners in order that no names are leaked to the public”.

Meine Vermutung: Es wird noch weitere Kreise ziehen. Ich glaube nicht, dass nur die Iaido-Sparte davon betroffen ist. Kendo und Jodo wird es ebenfalls treffen.

Ja ja, die lieben Sensei – schlussendlich doch nur machtbesessene und geldgeile Oji-sans.

Vor einiger Zeit wurde auf „Budo Japan“ ein längerer Ergebnisbericht von Grigoris A. Miliaresis veröffentlicht. Grigoris arbeitet für das japanische Kampfkunstmagazin „Hiden“ und ist die treibende Kraft hinter deren englischer Onlineausgabe.

Allen, die ein wenig Interesse an klassischem Schießen haben, lege ich den folgenden Bericht ans Herz:

Fire! Morishige-ryu Hojutsu and matchlocks

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